beat the bounds

beat the bounds
beat the bounds historical mark parish boundaries by walking round them and striking certain points with rods.
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  • beat the bounds — phrasal : to survey the bounds of an English parish by marching in procession and marking them at various points by switching with boughs * * * beat the bounds To trace out boundaries in a perambulation, certain objects in the line of journey… …   Useful english dictionary

  • beat the bounds — historical mark parish boundaries by walking round them and striking certain points with rods. → beat …   English new terms dictionary

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  • beat — [c]/bit / (say beet) verb (beat, beaten or beat, beating) –verb (t) 1. to strike repeatedly and usually violently. 2. to thrash, cane, or flog, as a punishment. 3. to whisk; stir, as in order to thicken or aerate: to beat cream; to beat eggwhites …  

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  • beat — {{11}}beat (adj.) defeated, overcome by effort, c.1400; tired, exhausted, by 1905, Amer.Eng., from past tense of BEAT (Cf. beat) (v.). {{12}}beat (n.) c.1300, a beating, whipping; the beating of a drum, from BEAT (Cf. beat) (v.). As throb of the… …   Etymology dictionary

  • beat — verb (past beat; past participle beaten) 1》 strike (a person or an animal) repeatedly and violently so as to hurt or punish them.     ↘strike repeatedly so as to make a noise.     ↘flatten or shape (metal) by striking it repeatedly with a hammer …   English new terms dictionary

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